Impregnated timber with natural linseed oil

Royal Impregnation for planks, cladding, terraces

This is the autoclave method, where natural linseed oil is heated up to +65 oc and inserted into the wood via vacuum.
When cooling down, the linseed oil adheres to the pores in the timber, creating a waterproof, protective film.

This process ensures the terrace or plank with:

  • Fixed form
  • Dark brown chestnut tone
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof properties
  • Protection from wood-decay fungus
  • The original structure and environme­tally friendly properties remain

 It is also important to note that autoclave method processes the timber with hot oil from all sides and the dark brown tone is lasting.
The advantages of vacuum and pressure methods are that they are thorough and quick.

Thermal oiling can be done on all timber materials:

  • Planks
  • Cladding
  • Terraces
  • Garden furniture
  • Fir, pine and hardwood
  • Thermo treated wood, larch, tropical wood, etc

Despite the type of wood, all unprotec­ ted timber eventually turns grey due to sunlight, also microscopic fractions and impairments may occur.

One option to avoid this is to use hot oil and the autoclave method on the timber.

It is possible to order different profile.

Picture Profile Specie Guality Surface guality Thikness Width Cover.Width
 Decking PN/SP AB FP/OI 28 95/120/145 95/120/145
Decking PN/SP AB FP/OI 28 145 145 
 Decking  PN/SP  AB  FP/OI  28  145  145
  Decking  SL  AB  FP/OI  21  145 145 
  Decking  SL  AB  FP/OI  28  145 145 
Decking AS AB FP/TH/OI 20 92 92
Decking AS AB FP/TH/OI 20 140/160 140/160
Decking PN AB FP/TH/OI 26 92/116 92/116
Decking PN AB FP/TH/OI 26 140 140
Exterior AS AB FP/TH 20 90/140/160 85/135/155
Exterior PN AB FP/TH 20 90/115/140 85/110/135
UYVK SP AB FS/OI 21 145 135
UYVK SP AB FS/OI 21 120 105
UTVK SP AB FS/OI 21 120 105
  UYSK SP AB FS/OI 21 120 105
 HS4K SP  AB FS/OI 21 120 120
HS4K  SP AB  FS/OI 21 145 145


Pine Siberian Larch Spruce Ash Oak oil impregnated fine planed thermo fine sawn