Semi-detached house

Measurements: 5m × 5m

Total area: 25m2
Living area: 19,5 m2
Kitchen/livingroom: 11,6 m2
Bathroom: 5,16 m2
Bedroom: 4,8 m2
Terrace: 9,64m2 and 10.05 m2
Garage: 10.99m2

Floor plan
Elements specification

Two are better than one!

This is a perfect semi-detached house. Our single storey house give you plenty of light and airy open plan living spaces. It is a single storey, gable-roofed spacious and bright small house, designed for year-round living. It is a well-thought-out layout and quickly installed house which makes it an affordable complete solution.

On the ground floor there is a living room with an open kitchen and dining area, a bathroom, a shower and a toilet. There is also provided a place for a fireplace in the living-room. A wooden staircase leads to the opened second level, where is located the bedroom. There are garages between two houses.

Only quality materials have been used, which guarantees long life and energy efficiency for our houses.

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